A T-shirt, also called as “Tee” in Canada, is a knitted thin shirt which is normally collarless as well as buttonless. It commonly has a round neck and could be long sleeved or short sleeved. T-Shirts or cotton short sleeve TShirts make a good fashion statement and are available for all age groups, women, kids, youth and men with several different sizes and colours to choose from. Our customized t-shirts and personalized T-Shirts are usually made out of polyester or cotton and knitted together in such a way that the t-shirt has a soft and comfortable texture.

T-Shirt Decorating

It is a common practice for many companies and organizations to create t shirts with a professional logo, mainly focusing on developing the company’s brand and using them in advertising campaigns. For general consumers, t-shirts with company logos imprinted on them is a simple way of flaunting their preferences for specific brands or for the latest trends.
The common method of decorating t-shirts is through a technique which is known as screen printing. In screen printing, two techniques are common, one is known as process printing, and the other is called simulated printing. Process printing is used for getting printed TShirts in light color while simulated printing is used for getting printed TShirts in dark color. Another option is embroidery which has a very different unique result but can have more design limitations. Mr T-Shirt offers both options in-house.

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